Secure your networks, data and applications!

At Stack, we specialize in the niche areas of Cybersecurity for Cloud, Data and Digital Dev projects.

Our Consulting and SaaS offerings on Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning and 24x7x365 protection would ensure your business is safe from malicious actors.

Our Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning services are quick, agile and very cost-effective. We take ownership for round-the-year responsibility for your cyber defences!

Cyber Expertise across these Clouds

Indicative Cyber Tools and Tech Expertise

Seek expertise by CyberSecurity Top-5 category
Top Capabilities by Category
App Dev Security Cloud Security Risk Mgt. Threat Intel. Incident Response
DevSecOps Azure Security SABSA Threat Hunting Anomaly Detection
Container Security Cloud security infra NIST Cyber Sec Framework Security Insider Threat Mgmt. Phishing
Microservices security Google Cloud Security CyberSec Assessment Threat Modelling Social Engineering
App Security Code Review Public Cloud Security Threat Intelligence SIEM
Cloud Security Architecture Threat Analysis

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