Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a key topic for companies concerned with the protection of data, systems and people. In this interconnected world, we specialise in niche areas of IT, cyber safety and security recruitment. Maintaining a modern state of IT security calls for an experienced team of security specialists–professionals trained to anticipate and protect against cybercrime and digital vulnerabilities. Demand is soaring for talent with hands-on experience in evolving protections for on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid architectures.

We provide Cyber expertise with extensive and proven knowledge across multiple solutions including SOC, SIEM, PAM, PIM, IAM, Zero Trust, BeyondTrust and more.  Following the latest trends, skills and versions – our Cloud team spend their time building networks of the best-of-breed Cyber experts to help with our clients needs.

Incident Response
Application Security
Data Prevention, Data Loss
CISO and Exec Search
Security Consultants
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Infrastructure and Network Security