Lets MeetUp: Networking + Knowledge Building + Exchanging War Stories

Stack’s Cloud Illuminati Networking Group is an open community and event platform for Cloud Enthusiasts to meet and share knowledge, build a network, and see what is working and what is not!

Our events cover a range of bespoke themes, from Cloud adoption, AI in Cloud, AWS/ GCP/ Azure best practices, Cloud Security, etc. in a way as to learn from other peers on their cloud journey.

Our network includes some of the best Cloud ambassadors around, from a blend of Architects, VPs, Heads of Cloud, CTOs, CIOs, and Cloud Evangelists. Weare a diversely coloured population, facing different challenges at the team, program, and enterprise levels. We fervently believe in supporting the advance of Cloud and quality of teamwork in doing so. This MeetUp is a platform for our community to meet virtually, and broaden your knowledge, get real-life advice and ideas to help you succeed.

For more info, get in touch at events@stackstudio.digital or watch this space. Some other key links for you to keep a tab on where these events are happening:

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Events for 2021: October/November – tbc… Virtual Cloud Illuminati event / Focus on “Perfecting your cloud services demands a commitment to agility and change” How Agile is your Cloud?