Stack’s Cloud Management Platform – Bring back order to your Cloud estate!

Know the true cost of Cloud and control it, understand and bridge security gaps, optimize resources and automate Cloud billing services.

Explore Stack/Cloud for its platform capabilities and drive better cloud governance for your organization.

Why Cloud Management with S/Cx?

If you work in a multi-cloud environment, with one or more of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, and have been striving for better cost visibility, resource governance control and higher ability to manage and optimize your changing Cloud environment, then Stack/Cloud could be the answer!

  • See what is going on real-time in your Cloud Estate, with S/Cx Discover
  • Migrate to a Cloud environment that is more fit-for-purpose for you, with S/Cx Migrate
  • Keep your Cloud usage and costs in sync with demand, with S/Cx Optimise
  • Secure your everyday production releases, with S/Cx Release
  • Automate “Run The Cloud” function – to the max, with S/Cx Manage

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